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Les villages

Découvrez plus en détails les villages qui forment la commune de Mont-Noble dans le Val d'Hérens en Valais.
Nax, Vernamiège et Mase.

Three picturesque villages stretch out peacefully in this sun orientated valley, on a truly heavenly balcony, at the entrance to the Val d'Hérens. Their names are Nax, Vernamiège and Mase.

Each one has recently taken its life in hand. They have all known how to travel down the ages, enjoying varying fortunes. Now, an innovative impetus is surging over the alp, with more solidarity, less solitary.

Three identities grouped together under one entity, upon which depends their destiny from now on; The Commune of Mont-Noble. Summer like winter, it takes care of its attire and its assets, thanks to the wholehearted support of the welcoming, enterprising and courageous mountain population.

Land of its forefathers converted into land of the future, the new Commune wishes to be a springboard for tomorrow, a prelude of wide and promising horizons.




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Val d'Hérens
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