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Le Village de Mase

Situé entre Vernamiège et St-Martin, Mase est le poumon culturel de la commune. Les soirées concerts ou encore la nuit des contes, en sont des soirées à ne pas manquer.
Mase is a quaint village nestled within a pristine alpine environment. Nature lovers will find it is a real paradise; the ideal place to relax and experience the richness of the region. In Mase, the respect of tradition is reflected in the many cultural opportunities available for its citizens and guests.


Mase is located above the Borgne River in the Val d'Hérens, at 1345 m. It is recognized in Switzerland because of its high percentage of bright sunny days which allows people to enjoy many outdoor activities. Hiking trails reach from Borgne to the Vallon de Rechy. People can explore the deserted villages of Sevanne and Marguerona; as well as the many food and local specialities that can be found on the top of the mountain, on the alp “La Louere”.


Mase offers high quality of life and harmony with nature. Winter holidays will be unforgettable in this and beautiful place with it’s ancestral buildings. After a day of ski touring or snow shoeing families can enjoy fine food and wine and rich local hospitality. The friendly ski area of Nax is only ten minutes away by car.


    • Option of a self-guided, or guided cultural tour through the village explaining the ancestral buildings; house of the bear, mill, barn, goat stable (now transformed into an art gallery), and the local museum
    • Hiking trail along the historical Bisse of Tsa Crêta, a 2.2km traditional irrigation system
    • Night of fairy tales in mid-July; visit storytellers throughout the village, followed by refreshment, soup and cake



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