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Religious belief in the region

Religious practice occupied a considerable part of a Valaisan's life in the 1870's.


Masses, rosaries, strings of rosary recitations, vespers, Blessed Sacrament benedictions, processions, particular rites appropriate for certain times of the year : Lent, Quatre-temps, drills during the month of Mary, Sacred heart, Portiuncula, feast days, etc… 
Even the obtention  of plenary indulgences, granted at certain occassions, no longer incite the favour and fervor of old times.

The christian belief has always marked the populations and lands of the Hérens valley. Numerous chapels are scattered throughout the valley and are part of the historical and cultural heritage of the Val d'Hérens.

For dates of masses in the region, visit the Paroisse Val d'Hérens' website.  

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