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Night cross-country skiing

A 2km loop enlighted every evening during the winter

Enjoy your favourite sport at night time thanks to a new solar lighting system! 

How does it work?

During the day, the solar panels capture solar energy which is stored in a battery. In the evening, the battery releases this energy and this allows a permanent light.

Site: In Evolène, near the group accommodations Lana and Niva


CHF 10.-   day pass

CHF 40.-   weekly pass

CHF 80.-   season pass Alps

CHF 140.-  season pass Switzerland

Visit the website of Romandie ski de fond for more information!

The cross-country skiing pass may be ordered by Evolène Région Tourisme. After receipt of your payment we will send the pass per post.


Per e-mail:


For more details consult our page about cross-country skiing!


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