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Local products

A real treat for your taste buds with local products!

Summer markets

Come and discover are regional products and observe the work of craftsmen.

Market in Evolène: 23rd July 2017

Market in La Sage: 30th July 2017

Weekly market in Les Haudères: thursdays, 20th July to 24th August 2017

Gourmet market: 17th September 2017

Products on sale by Evolène Région Tourisme in Evolène

Hypericum perforatum oil : CHF 9.-

Arnica tincutre: CHF 28.-

Arnica stick: CHF 12.-

Arnica Gel 100ml: CHF 25.-

Nettle salt: CHF 18.-

Apple-vanilla or apricot jam: CHF 5.-

Artisanal plate in the form of a cow (small) : CHF 25.-

Artisanal plate in the form of a cow  (large) : CHF 40.- 

Val d'Hérens Carafe: CHF 10.-

6 glasses Val d'Hérens: CHF 30.-

Backpack Val d'Hérens: CHF 35.-

Shoulder bag Val d'Hérens: CHF 25.-


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