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Leisure & activitiesWinterActivités insolitesHusky sleigh ride Val d'Hérens - Thyon
Leisure & activities

Husky sleigh ride
Val d'Hérens - Thyon

During the winter season come to live, a huskey dog sleigh ride over the Alps with a view of the Matterhorn, the Dent Blanche and the Mont Blanc.

Husky sleigh ride - Val d'Hérens - Thyon

On the idyllic site of the plain of  the Muraz, at 1900 meters high, the route is specifically adapted for the practice of this hobby, known in Laponie and northern Canada. In 10 minutes you will discover new sensations while sitting on a sleigh pulled by about 10 huskey dogs of Siberia. An unforgettable experience in the shoes of an adventurer of the far North in the center of a breathtaking alpine view!


CHF   20.-

With guest card : CHF 15.-




  • 26.12
  • 02.01
  • 09.01*
  • 06.02*
  • 13.02
  • 20.02
  • 27.02
  • 06.03

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