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Equipment and safety

Skimountaineering involves skiing in middle and high mountains environment and involves having good knowledge of the terrain, snow, weather forecast and security. It is recommended to have a good level of ski to get into skimountaineering. To enjoy a freeride experience, it is imperative to be in good physical shape.
It is recommended for beginners to get all information needed before leaving. Never forget your security equipment: a DVA (Avalanche Safety Set), a snow showel and a probe

Equipment for ski mountaineers

  • Ski touring
  • climbing skins under the skis, to avoid sliding backwards
  • ski boots more flexible than for downhill skis
  • Bindings are not locked on skis but free to move following the moves of the feet while walking
  • ice axes and crampons for when it gets too steep
  • safety equipment

A few rules 

  • Plan your tour carefully
  • Ensure that you have a full set of appropriate equipment
  • Never go on a tour alone
  • Inform friends or relative about your tour
  • Regularly check the weather forecast
  • Never forget to adhere to the principle: if in doubt turn back! 

Renting or purchase of the equipment

Available at the sport shops of the region


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