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Arolla Ski Touring - Val d'Hérens

Route 1 : Fontanesses, the athletic route
Route 2 :The Contemplative route

Arolla Ski Touring

  • Route 1: Fontanesses, the athletic route 
This route will lead you onto a short section of the legendary Patrouille des Glaciers route, a cult event among ski mountaineering racers.
The path follows the blue ski slope of Arolla and offers a 874m height gain. Ideal as a training session for every ski tourer!
Departure point: Skilift les Fontanesses
Arrival point: Altitude Restaurant of les Fontanelles
Lenght: 4.5 km
Time approx: 1h30-2h30


    • Route 2: The Contemplative route

    High above Arolla you’ll have to stop to take in a breathtaking view over the nearby summits; from the Aiguille de la Tza to the Vignettes glacier, a succession of snowy peaks and séracs lead all the way up to the Pigne d’Arolla, at 3780m! Enjoy!

    Departure point: old Guitza Skilift 
    Arrival point: Restaurant les Fontanesses
    Lenght: 5.3 km
    Time approx:1h30-2h30



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